stone two

The zenith of con­scious­ness comes at the moment we real­ize that we have for­got­ten some­thing. We stare inward at that blank void in an attempt to mar­ry our stub­born unaware­ness with some sem­blance of a mem­o­ry. The mem­o­ry seems to shift away the moment we feel we might grasp it. We prowl around the cir­cum­fer­ence of our con­scious­ness like a cat above an emp­ty fish­bowl. Every­thing is crys­tal clear yet we can­not seem to find it any­where. If luck is on our side it might just appear out of nowhere in time for us to snag it with our lit­tle paws. But often enough, we must for­get that we have for­got­ten some­thing before it blos­soms once again before our eyes.