stone six

Enmeshed with com­mod­i­ty cul­ture iden­ti­ty becomes entrop­ic. Once a flu­id won­der­ful thing it begins to lose sense. Frag­ment­ed desires pull in infinite direc­tions. The lust­ful ills of wish­ing to be defined by the out­side world and the oth­er. Pathol­o­gy. Pure and sim­ple pathol­o­gy. The irony is that the more one wish­es to define one­self the less def­i­n­i­tion one has. Pol­ish mere­ly hides the cracks which define. Deter­min­ism is for those beg­ging to be con­trolled. A flow­er in a field defines and dif­fer­en­ti­ates itself pure­ly through its own exis­tence. It does not trick itself into believ­ing it needs to dif­fer­en­ti­ate itself from anoth­er. Its uni­ver­sal intel­li­gence born of the cos­mos reminds it that it is sin­gu­lar and unique. Beau­ty comes not from self-ascrip­tion but from exist­ing as is, a pro­duct of one’s self.