stone one

Some flow­ers are more beau­ti­ful in their after­life. The colour fades from once vibrant to a pleas­ant earth­ly shade and the pun­gen­cy dulls as the flesh dries. The flow­ers have been pur­pose­ful­ly hung upside down to dry or have been neglect­ful­ly for­got­ten in a cup or vase. The skele­tal remains to be found on the floor or scat­tered on a table. Why should any­one dis­card of the­se lit­tle reminders of a life once lived? Clean­ing them up and throw­ing them away, like rak­ing leaves in the fall, only gives the appear­ance of order. But the mind and her thought is nev­er clear until we accept that no mat­ter where we put them, in the garbage or in the dump, wherever, they will return to the earth regard­less of our hand. The wilt­ed mushy stem or leaf gives new life, new colour, a new pun­gen­cy, so just watch her and be with her. Take what you can to remem­ber her glo­ry in life and in death. Hon­our her by giv­ing her a new life by show­ing her what she meant to you.