Equivocal Cartagraphies

a vessel to travel in

When the seas dried, the prim­i­tive Fish left its asso­ci­at­ed milieu to explore land, forced to “stand on its own legs,” now car­ry­ing water only on the inside, in the amni­otic mem­branes pro­tect­ing the embryo. In one way or the oth­er, the ani­mal is more a fleer than a fight­er, but its flights are also con­quests, cre­ations.

Delueze and Guat­tari

we spill out from our­selves if we move too quick­ly · too slow­ly we risk cal­ci­fi­ca­tion. pret­ty pret­ty limbs to move about on · lit­tle flat feet on cold mar­ble or sunk in crisp crunchy snow · pet­ri­fied water­falls trick­le splen­did­ly in slow-motion · as we drink from radi­ant pools that once lived in the sky. the elas­tic skin of the earth tucked neat­ly between my fin­gers as i crawl toward a sim­ple stream sound­ing its hol­low sound · its essence found in the body it has carved for itself · the chan­nel · where on might find secret sub­ter­ranean fis­sures to hide our­selves in. 

Prim­i­tive bone, a stiff, cal­ci­fied cen­tral rod that would lat­er become the ver­te­bral column, made new forms of  ­move­ment con­trol pos­si­ble among ani­mals, free­ing them from many con­straints and lit­er­al­ly set­ting them into motion to con­quer every avail­able niche in the air, in water, and on land.

Manuel Delanda

we are but one lay­er of beau­ti­ful colour­ful strata ·  bod­ies stacked upon bod­ies ·  loamy dirt and hard­ened asphalt ·  bones turned black. hands make a cup or a shov­el ·  dirt under nails can eas­i­ly be washed away. the sky is a colour that we have named and as the stars move so do we.



i trav­el · even when sit­ting still · the opu­lent cos­mos whirring by. we are geo­log­i­cal · crys­talline liq­uid · we’ve found a solid state. geol­o­gy moves slow dur­ing the day · but behind the wall of night she con­sumes empires. bod­ies stacked on bod­ies · we are the for­got­ten strata. this body is a ves­sel to trav­el in · but it is a tem­po­rary body just like mother’s · anoth­er ves­sel we trav­el with­in.