Equivocal Cartagraphies

deliquescent ancestors

Once for each thing. Just once; no more. And we too,
just once. And nev­er again. But to have been
this once, com­plete­ly, even if only once:
to have been at one with the earth, seems beyond undo­ing.


I can­not help laugh­ing,” you will answer me; I accept the absurd expla­na­tion, but let it be a melan­choly laugh, then. Laugh but weep at the same time. If you can­not weep with your eyes, weep with your mouth. If it is still impos­si­ble, uri­nate. But I warn you, some sort of liq­uid is need­ed to atten­u­ate the arid­i­ty which laugh­ter, with her rear-split fea­tures, car­ries in her womb.


tran­scen­dent mol­e­cules accu­mu­late · clam­our­ing togeth­er in the silence of a body of water · still as night. a thing emerges · saline flesh · strug­gling to breathe. we are of water · you and i · and to the water we shall return. my grand­fa­ther was most­ly liq­uid · a bot­tle of whiskey at his feet as a [he] 2 sat in his reclin­er chair. tabac­co smoke obscured his yel­low face.  his socks under the couch as i root­ed for lost quar­ters · dimes · and nick­les. a deck of cards on the cof­fee table · a game of spades. he died in that reclin­er chair · a cor­duroy pat­tern impressed on the right side of his face. slow­ly he would return to the water · but first · he would need to cross it. charon’s sil­ver obol placed on his pale pink parched tongue. our bod­ies must dry before being returned to the water. our bones may remain as the ves­tige of the ephemer­al­i­ty of our bod­ies · but in time · they too will return to the water.

As I went down in the river to pray
Study­ing about that good old way
And who shall wear the star­ry crown
Good Lord, show me the way!

An Amer­i­can Folk Song

abio­genet­ic crea­tures with crys­talline liq­uid eyes · and still bod­ies that moan like an ice-cov­ered lake. the river mean­ders car­ry­ing the reflec­tion of the moon · a child born of this · into this · wet with the love of moth­er. aus­pi­cious life­forms where biol­o­gy is kind. alchemic child · child of gold · child of sun and rain · child adrift in the cool green-blue head­wa­ters of life. mother’s crown in the dis­tance · child finds ivory milk · moth­er is flu­id · father is a dream of father’s father’s father · a stone 1 · a fos­sil record · a stone tapes­try washed in the tears of joy. mes­sian­ic water puri­fies child · child cries · voic­es of ances­tor flow from child’s mouth · the room is wet while moth­er sleeps dream­ing of the dark ocean and child drift­ing in a woven bas­ket under rose coloured moon­light.

1   2017.03.06: removed “a stone” due to unwant­ed rep­e­ti­tion w/ “a stone tapes­try”

2   2017.03.06: removed “a” to be replaced with “he”