Equivocal Cartagraphies


equiv­o­cal car­togra­phies is an atlas · that is · it is a col­lec­tion of maps · map­ping the ephemer­al · the ephemer­al­i­ty of bod­ies · or a body · my body · among oth­er bod­ies · shar­ing in com­mon · their ephemer­al nature. the term equiv­o­cal is an inter­est­ing one. in the ety­mo­log­i­cal sense· it means of equal voice · how­ev­er · it has tak­en on the mean­ing of some­thing that is ambigu­ous, open to inter­pre­ta­tion and uncer­tain­ty. it would seem that with equal­i­ty comes dis­so­nance · and with­out dis­so­nance  · there is no music. part poem part crea­ture1 · equiv­o­cal car­togra­phies will trace the phan­tas­mic · spec­tral his­to­ries of a body being in time.

1 this is a liv­ing poem. what i mean by this is that it is a process poem. as i write the poem i will allow the read­er to watch it unfold. any changes or cor­rec­tions that i make will be doc­u­ment­ed. i invite read­ers to observe the evo­lu­tion of this poem to under­stand my cre­ative process